Best Hard Drives for Gaming in 2017

With so many hard drives available on the market today, finding the overall best is a hard choice. Our technology has come a long way especially to the field of data storage. A few years back, storing a gigabyte of data was the thing and that data capacity was reserved for the advanced computers. Nowadays, choosing a hard drive involves data capacity of more than 1 terabyte, so much more than the floppy disks which were capable of storing of up to an average of 10 MB per diskette. In this article, we review the top two at the epitome of data storage in modern day’s technology that would be perfect for gamers with their needs of data storage and performance expectations. If you’d like more in-depth reviews, check out

Best Overall Gaming Hard Drive

Samsung 850 PRO – 256GB – 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-7KE256BW)

The best hard drive for gaming of our choice is the Samsung 850 PRO.

When planning to purchase an SSD you need to look at the significant things that are to be considered for attaining the most for your gaming set-up. one advantage of buying this hard drive is the warranty and the performance capability. This SSD comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturers. It has a sleek design with a reasonable price. Given that SSDs for gaming are usually quite high priced. Also, the metal finish on the casing makes it more durable and solid looking. As an SSD, it is able to perform in the highest speed capability in terms of data transfer and file storing and loading.

This SSD is a gorgeous piece of equipment that can contain a fair amount of data and for gamers, it is a perfect size for storing high quality games and sharing it through high-speed data transfer. The SSD offers the smoothest and safest way for data transfer and file protection. It is equipped with technological upgrades that allow it to run at optimal speeds and quietness, while providing the needed storage capacity. The PRO series is available with different capacities: 128GB, 512GB and 1TB.

Best Internal Gaming Hard Drive

WD Blue 1TB SATA 6 GB/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard Drive

Another gaming hard drive is the WD Blue 1TB. WD or Western Digital is a popular brand and manufacturer of hard drives. It is a much respected brand name and it has offered quality products with reasonable prices throughout its performance in the market. As far as internal hard drives go, there is little that can surpass this hard drive’s specifications and quality. It is at the high-end side, but it will not disappoint you in terms of its performance and durability.

A terabyte of storage is a very large space where in a user can save his games, music, videos and other files. This hard drive is offered at a very affordable price in the quality section of hard drives available in our market today. Although there is the appearance of SSDs, this HDD is still a great way of owning that extra space and speedy data transfers without having to spend much for it.


How To Clean A Mechanical Keyboard

How to Clean a Mechanical Keyboard

You’re one week past the deadline for the documentation, but while typing at top speed, it seems like one letter isn’t working. Or perhaps you’re in the middle of an online game match, but your backward key or the letter “s” isn’t working.

Yes, we truly agree how frustrating it is, but the real question is: Do you need a new keyboard? Is it considered broken if there are non-working keys in your mechanical keyboard? Maybe you should spring clean or do a thorough cleaning to it. Because sometimes, it seems like build-up dirt can be one of the many reasons why your mechanical keyboard isn’t working.

Disadvantages of a dirty keyboard

Did you know that a dirty mechanical keyboard has five times more bacteria than a dirty toilet? Of course, bacteria are residing in those dirty keys since you don’t give much attention in cleaning it.

Having a dirty mechanical keyboard can make your keys get sticky too. When a key gets stuck during gaming, you’ll be most likely to get killed. Other than that, ants that eat the crumbs and sweets that are stuck inside your keyboard may damage them in the long run. You don’t want to see those dead ants once you’ve decided to clean it from the inside out.

Having a good and working mechanical keyboard is important to every user, be it for games or for work. The importance of maintaining your keyboard from time to time can significantly prolong its lifespan. Hence, cleaning your mechanical keyboard every once in a while is a must.

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Do-it-yourself method actually works on cleaning a keyboard. It is actually pretty easy, so you wouldn’t need any professional person to clean your mechanical keyboard. You just need to follow a simple guide. Listed below are some of the easy steps to follow for a cleaner and better-looking keyboard. .

  • First, you’ll have to get the following items:
  1. Keycap Puller, so that you won’t damage your keys when pulling it out.
  2. Anti-Static Compressed Air, to blow away all that dirt.
  3. Brush, to sweep away those small particles in between the keys.
  4. Cotton Buds, to clean your keys and in between.
  • Remove all your keys using the keycap puller gently so that you won’t damage your mechanical keyboard.
  • Flip your mechanical keyboard upside-down and use the brush to scrub all those small particles residing in between your keys.
  • Don’t flip your mechanical keyboard yet. Use the compressed air to blow away all that dirt.
  • Scrub the back of your keys using the cotton buds with some cleaner solution to clean the dirt residing inside. Let the keys dry first after you scrub it.
  • Lastly, mount all your keys back to your mechanical keyboard, and that’s it.

With these steps, you can make your mechanical keyboard good as new. You won’t need to get or buy a new one if one of your keys are too sticky or not responding. You just always have to maintain your mechanical keyboard clean and do a maintenance check from time to time. Let your game face on and win more games with a well-maintained mechanical keyboard.